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CoMet-Universe — a web-server for comparative analysis of metagenomes based on protein domain signatures

The CoMet-Universe server allows you to analyze the taxonomic and functional composition of your metagenomic sample and to compare it with a large collection of publicly available data from previous metagenome studies.

Starting with an upload of your DNA sequences the CoMet pipeline performs all necessary steps for a comprehensive metagenome analysis including gene prediction, protein domain detection using Pfam 27, metabolic profiling based on KEGG pathways and taxon abundance estimation across all domains of life and viruses.

The comparison with more than thousand precomputed profiles in the CoMet database enables a fast identification of similar samples and the retrieval of information about the corresponding metagenome projects. For a further comparative analysis you can select a subset of interesting metagenomes that may include previously processed samples of your own and obtain an in-depth statistical comparison of protein domain counts. Gene set enrichment analysis according to Gene Ontology terms can then be used to highlight possible relationships between significantly differing protein families.

CoMet-Universe provides easily interpretable graphical output of the results and downloadable tabular data for offline analysis.

For uploading very large datasets, comments or questions related to CoMet please send an e-mail to We also appreciate feature requests and bug reports :)